Sunday, August 27, 2006

Resturant Review - Luke's Bar & Grill - New York City

Arriving late, hungry and tired in NYC on Monday night, August 14, I decided to try Luke's Bar & Grill which is located at 1394 Third Street, between 79th & 80th Streets; I found Luke's to be a real gem located in a wonderful and lively neighborhood on the upper eastside.

Their website homepage says "from martini's to meatloaf, our menu has something for all" which is exactly what I had. Grey Goose up with olives and meatloaf with mashed potatos.

Zagat describes this establishment, run by proprieter Luigi Militello, as "solid as a rock, this “friendly” Eastsider is a “fixture” for American pub grub, especially if you’re “into burgers”; with a “cool staff” and “lively” regulars, it’s a “typical” neighborhood hangout for brews and simple food for young and old alike".

Somewhat predictable, after Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame was arrested here on Tuesday, August 10, 2004, when he got into a brouhaha with the police over his driver double-parking in front of Luke's while he ran inside to pick-up take-out meatloaf - you can now order "The Mike Wallace Meatloaf" from the menu. Mr. Wallace says he has gone to Luke's for over 10 years and absolutely loves the food.

The night I was in Luke's it was warm and the front windows were open allowing you to feel the energy and hustle and bustle of Manhattan nightlife just outside. The place is the sort of establishment that is simple and clean, mixture of young and old, and provides the feel of being a Manhattan resident hanging out in your local neighborhood pub without any of the tourist activity.

Give it a try next time you are in the city!

Luke's Bar & Grill
1394 Third Avenue
Between 79th & 80th Streets
Manhattan, NY 10021