Saturday, January 14, 2006

3rd generation Steele accepted into Indiana University - Bloomington

In December of 2005, our son Ben was accepted into Indiana University for the fall 2006 semester. Needless to say, we are thrilled with his acceptance; he will become the 3rd generation of Steele's to attend IU. His grandmother Steele, uncle Rob, mom and myself are all IU grads.

Ben plans were to apply at the end of his freshman year for admission into the Kelley School of Business and enroll in their entrepreneurship program which has national recognition. On January 4, the Kelley School of Business sent Ben a letter congratulating on his admission to Indiana University and went on to state due to his excellent academic record in high school, he was being invited to become a "direct admit" student in the Kelley School of Business at IU, Bloomington this fall. This is very significant for Ben; the business school has three opportunities for acceptance:

Selection by Dean: Direct Freshman Admission
  • Already admitted to IU Bloomington and indicated business as your intended major
  • SAT composite score of 1270 or ACT composite score of 29
  • Top 10 percent of high school class or 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale

Option 1: Current IU Bloomington Students Applying for the First Time

  • Between 26 & 70 hours of college course work
  • Applying to the Kelley School of Business for the first time
  • Completion of English Composition
  • Completion of three or more of the following courses: Finite Mathematics, Brief Survey of Calculas, The Computer in Business Administration or Business in the Information Age

Note: Students enrolled under Option 2 must demonstrate consistent 3.0 (B) academic performance.

Option 2: Current IU Bloomington Students Reapplying for Admission

  • Must have completed 56 to 70 hours of college course work and all of the following business courses a minimum grade of C: Finite Mathametics, Brief Survey of Calculus, Intro to Microeconomics, Business and Economic Strategy for the Public Arena, Introduction to Statistical Theory, Business Accounting Skills, Introduction to Accounting I, Introduction to Accounting II, Legal Environment of Business, Technology in Business, Career Perspectives, Elementary Composition, The Computer in Business, Business Communications, Public Speaking or Business Presentations.

Ben's letter was signed by Daniel C. Smith, Dean and The Clare W. Barker Chair in Marketing. It stated:

Because of your excellent credentials, we would like to offer you a unique opportunity: direct admission into the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. The Kelley School offers direct admission to exceptionally well prepared freshmen, like you, who have indicated their intintin to pursue a business major. We would like you to become a member of our entering "direct admit" class, a select group of the most promision freshmen within the Kelley School of Business.

As a direct admit freshman, you will not have to apply for admission to the Kelley School as a sophmore, unlike all other business majors. In addtition, the school will provide special opportunities to enrich your overall experience and build important alliances. Direct admit freshmen have the option to take special sections of honors business classes, and will be assigned to the direct admit business advisor, who will assist you in planning your adademic schedule. We recognize you are outstanding, and want to provide youwith the best possible experience at one of the nation's finest business schools.

As a graduate myself from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and currently an adjunct faculty member in the school, this admission has special meaning for me. I now watch my own son become a student in our school, and look forward to watching and contributing to his development as a future business leader.